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Sojournstar Media ~ I'm Angela, an ex entertainer who traveled and performed for many years doing tours and shows. I am also an artist of digital graphics, painting, and drawing.

Both my partner Stephen, and myself have a passion for photography and you will find many beautiful images here for your viewing pleasure.

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You can also purchase resale art and graphics to create other products for commercial use at my Resale Store, DSC Graphics At the Digi Scrap Cafe you will find links to all my active digital stores and products.

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I'm an ex entertainer, performer, and artist with a British/Italian heritage, now living in the states.

After years of touring I settled and lived in Los Angeles from 1977 through 1989, and worked within the film, tv, and video business,
and among other things, was a dresser to costume designers such as Judy Evans, (Benson and Golden Girls (rip Rue, Bea, and Estelle)
as an on call stylist for several years.

I love fashion, and am completely in love with costuming, (Bob Mackie was one of my favorites) as well as period and vintage clothing.
Show and stage clothing is a big passion, as well as art and graphics.

This beautiful tag was created by my CT Bev, from my Onyx Poser Art.

I now create art in the form of graphics, and sometimes on actual canvas, but mostly digital art. I also create designer resources
for other designers that they can use to create anything from posters, tags, business logos,
or anything they can dream up. It can be used on cards, t shirts, POD items, and many other uses.

Both my partner Stephen, and myself have a passion for photography and you will find many beautiful images here for your viewing pleasure. Stephen is also a lover of water and takes many trips in the canals, rivers and streams around the Virginia landscape. A lover of nature, and a man with the heart of a boy, you will see everything from natural scenes, to "Toys At Play".

This graphic was made from one of Stephen's pond photos. I turned the original into a river stream, and then into the graphic animation you see below.

Visit me at my personal studio AH Design aka CreativeDigiDiva and my digital website at Digi Scrap Cafe where you will find links to many of my active graphic shops, stores, and social networks.

I also have a website Treasured Scraps Collectibles where you will find more links to my Vintage Collectibles Shop, My Noir Studio Design Boutique, and my Digital Resources Store, all residing on the Treasured Scraps domain.

All images © Sojournstar Media. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without permission is strictly prohibited.

Sojournstar Media
Owners and Artists ~ Angela Hobbs ~ Stephen Messer

Below is some of my graphic work that tags have been created with.
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I also carry licenses for several artists whom I either have permission to use their work, or am a licensed reseller of their art and graphics.
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